What to Eat This Month – April 2024

Four weeks’ worth of meals to help you decide what to eat in April – all recipes are completely free to access and use!

As soon as Easter is over, I start to look forward to summer. A throwback from when I was a teacher, I suppose, and the end of the Easter holidays meant it was the summer season and all that entailed (exams, mostly, poor kids…the reason I’m not a teacher any more!).

Nowadays, I can look forward to the things I enjoy most about that season without the stress. And, unsurprisingly, the things I enjoy most about that season are food related.

What to Eat in April – In Season

Here in the U.K., April is the month when our homegrown produce really starts coming into its own.

After a dreary start to the year, we start getting some beautiful fresh food like:

  • Spring onions
  • Watercress
  • Spring greens
  • Wild garlic
  • Broccoli
  • Rhubarb
  • Asparagus
  • Herbs like basil, dill and chives
  • Lamb
  • Crab
  • Salmon
  • Prawns

Here, I’ve selected some beautiful recipes which are perfect for cooking in April. Simply save the page and use this as your shopping guide for the next 4 weeks!

What to Eat in April – Week 1

This week, we have a selection of recipes from around the globe, with a comforting chicken casserole, a yummy pad thai, a lasagne with a twist and much more!

Fennel leek and mushroom pasta top view
Fennel, Leek and Mushroom Pasta
This easy, vegetarian pasta dish with fennel, leek and mushrooms is creamy, comforting and delicious!
Check out this recipe
Mediterranean baked eggs Top view
Mediterranean Baked Eggs
Sautéed onions and bell peppers with olives and spinach in a tomato sauce, topped with baked eggs and feta.
Check out this recipe
Chorizo and pea pilaf Top view
Chorizo and Pea Pilaf
An brilliantly easy one pot rice dish with tasty chorizo and peas.
Check out this recipe
Mediterranean chicken casserole with couscous Top view
Mediterranean Chicken Casserole with Couscous
A simple store cupboard casserole packed full of delicious Mediterranean flavours
Check out this recipe
Satay style noodles Top view
Satay Style Noodles
Noodles with mince and broccoli in an incredible peanut butter, soy sauce and chilli oil sauce.
Check out this recipe
Pan Fried Duck Breast with White Bean Puree, Leeks, and Spring Onion and Prosecco Sauce
Check out this recipe
English onion soup Close up
English Onion Soup with Comte Croutons
A delightful vegetarian twist on the classic French onion soup, with brandy and vegetable stock.
Check out this recipe

What to Eat in April – Week 2

This week, we’re enjoying freshly in season prawns and lamb (make sure you enjoy that with the dauphinoise potatoes – yum!) along with a vibrant beetroot risotto and a seriously good vegetable moussaka.

Creamy Sausage Gnocchi
This creamy sausage gnocchi is an absolute crowd pleaser – the whole family will love it!
Check out this recipe
Asparagus pea and pesto lasagne top view
Asparagus, Pea and Pesto Lasagne
A delicious and fresh asparagus, pea and pesto lasagne for spring or summer, with minimal effort.
Check out this recipe
Tomato salsa tostadas Top view
Tomato Salsa Tostadas
Easy, quick Mexican style tostadas topped with a beany tomato salsa, avocado, cheese and soured cream.
Check out this recipe
Lamb chops with jewelled Moroccan couscous Top view
Lamb Chops with Jewelled Moroccan Couscous
Simply griddled lamb chops served with couscous with olives, preserved lemon, pomegranate and mint.
Check out this recipe
15 minute garlic mushroom pasta Top view
15 Minute Garlic Mushroom Pasta
Using only five ingredients and ready in fifteen minutes, this creamy garlic mushroom pasta is a weeknight winner!
Check out this recipe
Sliced classic baked ham
Classic Baked Ham
An incredible classic baked ham recipe, perfect for any occasion.
Check out this recipe
Leftover Ham Pie
A delicious creamy pie made with leftover ham, mushrooms and broccoli and topped with mashed potato.
Check out this recipe

What to Eat in April – Week 3

Week 3 takes in season asparagus to make this awesome vegan pad thai for meatless Monday. You also have a seriously cheesy pasta bake and a very special duck dish for Sunday!

Quinoa and Lentil Salad
A fresh and delicious quinoa and lentil salad with cucumber, feta and tarragon.
Check out this recipe
Close up of griddled chicken skewers on a plate, with a bowl full of couscous salad with feta and pomegranate in the background
Chicken Skewers with Giant Couscous
Ready in 15 minutes, these griddled chicken skewers with a feta, pomegranate and mint couscous salad are totally delicious!
Check out this recipe
top view of mushroom courgette and ricotta pasta in a brown bowl
Mushroom, Courgette and Ricotta Pasta
A 15 minute vegetarian pasta dish that tastes absolutely delicious
Check out this recipe
Vegetable Egg Fried Rice
Easy, ready in just 15 minutes and a store cupboard classic!
Check out this recipe
tasty black bean quesadillas top view with avocado and mint dip
Black Bean Quesadillas
15 minute black bean quesadillas with red peppers, spring onions and cheese, served with a minty avocado dip.
Check out this recipe
Beef Panang Curry
The most incredible fragrant curry, ready in just 15 minutes.
Check out this recipe
15 Minute Mushrooms and Stilton on Toast
These creamy garlic mushrooms on toast topped with Stilton make a delicious lunch or dinner.
Check out this recipe

What to Eat in April – Week 4

Week 4 has some of my favourites. Use purple-sprouting broccoli in the gnocchi dish to get the best of the season, and enjoy my family recipe Anglesey eggs. Plus, you have. four-hour slow cooked beef chilli to enjoy – properly yummy weekend cooking!

Scampi samphire and tartar tacos Side view
Scampi, Samphire and Tartar Tacos
An incredible fusion dish featuring hard taco shells stuffed with samphire, scampi and a delightful tartar sauce.
Check out this recipe
Creamy soy and cucumber noodles Top view
Creamy Soy and Cucumber Noodles
Noodles in a creamy coconut milk broth with soy and ginger, with cucumber and coriander to finish.
Check out this recipe
Asian style whole baked black tilapia After cooking
Asian Style Whole Baked Black Tilapia
A whole black tilapia cooked en papillote with coriander, orange and ginger.
Check out this recipe
One pan hot honey roasted sausages and vegetables Top view
One Pan Hot Honey Roasted Sausages and Vegetables
Roasted sausages, garlic, courgette, mushrooms and bell peppers with a delicious hot honey glaze.
Check out this recipe
Honey Mustard Glazed Pork Chop with Mac and Cheese and Sweetcorn
Incredible honey and mustard glazed pork chops served with creamy macaroni cheese and sweetcorn.
Check out this recipe
Vegetable and Tortelloni Bake
A simple pasta bake made with fresh tortelloni and packed full of vegetables.
Check out this recipe
Feta and Dill Pie
This delicious Greek inspired pie is perfect for picnics.
Check out this recipe

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    1. Oh amazing, hope you enjoy it! I’m in Chester so not very far from you!

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  4. Oh wow – so many amazing ideas to explore in April! Thank you so much for sharing all these… Yum!

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