10 Quick Veggie Recipes for Weeknights

If one of your resolutions is to eat less meat, then you may well be on the hunt for quick and easy, vegetarian week night meals. Fortunately, I’ve gathered these 10 seriously easy, seriously delicious quick veggie recipes for you.

They are all quick enough to make in half an hour max, and tasty enough to keep the whole family satisfied.

vegan rich mushroom soup topped with croutons and chives
Vegan Rich Mushroom Soup
This one isn’t just vegetarian, it’s vegan too. Perfect with a hunk of sourdough and ready in 30 minutes flat. Excellently warming, but also wonderfully light.
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Lentil Chilli with Roasted Sweet Potato
If you find vegetarian meals to be not as filling, then this is one that you must try. Hugely satisfying, will keep you full for hours and just so tasty.
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Fennel leek and mushroom pasta top view
Fennel, Leek and Mushroom Pasta
There’s something about fennel that just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to a vegetarian dish. Luxury, tastiness – all that good stuff. This veggie pasta dish is ready in just 20 minutes.
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Greek Sharer with Courgette Fritters
Something a little bit different, a little bit special, but still ready in just 15 minutes. The trickiest part is grating the courgettes. Perfect for when you want to day dream about a Mediterranean getaway!
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Beetroot and Thyme Fusili
No matter how many times I do it, I never get tired of cooking with beetroot. It just brings so much fun to every dish – not to mention the health benefits. Using precooked beetroot here means the whole dish takes only 10 minutes.
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Vegetable Korma
Korma doesn’t have to be boring – and this recipe proves that. Full of fresh flavours and bright colours, this is guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family.
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Leek and Potato Soup
Another hearty soup recipe – but one that looks (and tastes) restaurant worthy. You’ll never buy ready made leek and potato soup again.
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Vegetable Pad Thai
I make this at least once every two weeks. It’s a gorgeous hit of flavour, with crunch and softness, saltiness and sharpness – just so tasty, and only takes 20 minutes.
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Vegetable Chow Mein
Another fakeaway, but this is for those nights when you REALLY can’t be bothered – it only takes 10 minutes! Cut the cost (and the calories…) with this delicious veggie alternative.
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Green Goddess Gnocchi
When it comes to quick, filling weeknight meals, gnocchi is queen. Soft pillows of delicious potato smothered in a wildly tasty green sauce – this dish is a winner.
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Need more veggie inspiration? You can find all of my vegetarian recipes here.

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