Green Goddess Gnocchi

We had a big weekend; so much so that even yesterday was a pizza night. So tonight our bodies are crying out for vitamins.

I went shopping at lunchtime and came across some beautiful looking spinach gnocchi (just like normal gnocchi, but with spinach added) and decided this would do. The gnocchi works well to warm us up after walking home in the horrid weather, and spinach is always good for you.

I added lots of green veg – peas, courgette and asparagus. You could also add extra spinach, if you like.

You could make this with normal gnocchi if you can’t find (or don’t have the inclination to make) spinach gnocchi; it just won’t look as bright and green!

This takes no longer than 20 minutes to make, and will serve at least 4.

Green Goddess Gnocchi

1 tbsp olive oil

1 onion

150g pesto (either homemade or shopbought)

500g spinach gnocchi

300g asparagus

100g peas

200g courgettes

Pine nuts and parmesan, to serve (optional)

1. Chop the onion and add to a large saute pan with the olive oil. Cook over a medium heat for about 5 minutes, until softened.

2. Pour 300ml water and the pesto into the pan and stir well; bring to the boil.

3. Tip in the gnocchi and the chopped asparagus; add a little more water if the gnocchi isn’t quite covered.

4. Add the peas and courgette (I shaved mine lengthways with a potato peeler) and simmer for 5 minutes, until the gnocchi is soft. Season if necessary with salt and black pepper.

5. To serve, top with the shaved parmesan and a sprinkling of pine nuts.

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