31 Dinner Recipe Ideas Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

Struggling for inspiration for your week night meals? You don’t want to be slaving over a stove for hours when there’s work, school, hobbies, etc. etc. to fit into your day.

Fortunately, here are 31 dinner recipe ideas which you can make in 30 minutes or less, ideal for those busy week nights. A whole month’s worth of dinner ideas, ready and waiting for you. You’ll find a mix of vegetarian, fish and meat recipes here so there’s something for everyone.

Which one will you try first?

1. Creamy Chorizo and Pea Gnocchi

Wildly delicious, filling, and like a hug in a bowl – and ready in 15 minutes flat. Trust me, you’ll want to drink that creamy sauce! Recipe here.

2. Beetroot and Thyme Fusili

For those evenings when you want a little bit of ‘wow’ without spending the time! Fresh pasta means this recipe is ready in just 10 minutes. Recipe here.

3. Chorizo and Sugar Snap Pea Giant Cous Cous

A super cous cous salad that can be eaten either hot or cold – delightful salty hits from chorizo and feta, along with sweet peppers and peas. Recipe here.

4. Mexican Bean Stew

A warming vegetarian bean stew, perfect when topped liberally with soured cream and grated cheese. Recipe here.

5. Chicken Skewers with Giant Cous Cous

Jewelled cous cous and delicious, moist chicken – ready in just 15 minutes. This is perfect for those rushed days. Recipe here.

6. Chicken Pittas with Spicy Rice

A superb meal that tastes just like something from that famous chicken restaurant…but from the comfort of your own home, and in only 30 minutes! Recipe here.

7. Pan Fried Salmon with Noodle Broth

Crisp-skinned salmon with a warm, creamy coconut broth – this is a fab little meal which takes just 15 minutes and very little effort. Recipe here.

8. Fennel, Leek and Mushroom Penne

A great and versatile pasta dish – many of the vegetables can be subbed for whatever you have at home, so it’s a great fridge clearer for when you just don’t know what to have for dinner. Recipe here.

9. Smoky Pork and Black Bean Tacos

A recipe that tastes like it’s been slow cooking for hours, but actually only takes 30 minutes? Winner! Recipe here.

10. Greek Sharer with Courgette Fritters

A hearty platter where everyone can help themselves is the best kind of meal. This one is packed full of Greek flavours and utterly delicious. Recipe here.

11. Chicken and Lentil Soup

A soup that’s hearty and as good for you as it is for the soul. Gorgeous and comforting. Recipe here.

12. Mediterranean Chicken Casserole with Cous Cous

With the bright colours and flavours of the Mediterranean in a hearty casserole, this dish is perfect whatever the season. Recipe here.

13. Beef Penang Curry

A properly tasty curry with amazing depth of flavour – and ready in 15 minutes flat. Don’t know what to have for dinner tonight? Now you do! Recipe here.

14. Soy Glazed Salmon with Miso Noodle Broth

The depth of flavour in this broth in just 15 minutes is incredible- you will go back for more! Recipe here.

15. Garlic Prawn Linguine

If you’re a garlic fiend, this should top your list for dinner tonight. Rich, luxurious and packed full of garlic. Recipe here.

16. Smoked Fish Chowder

Perfect for winter nights, this is a warming smoked fish dish that’s as satisfying as it is delicious. Recipe here.

17. Vegetable Pad Thai

A vegetarian Pad Thai dish full of the flavours you’ll love – peanut, coriander, chilli. Ready in just 20 minutes. Recipe here.

18. Pan Fried Cod with Luxury Peas and Baby Potatoes

These aren’t just any old peas, they’re luxury peas! You’ll love the savoury punch that comes from the pancetta in this filling and tasty dish. Recipe here.

19. Vegetable Chilli

A punchy, flavourful dish packed full of veggies – great if you want a vegetable heavy dinner tonight! Recipe here.

20. Pan Fried Sea Bass with Lentils

A delicious fish dish that looks far more difficult than it is – follow this recipe to get that crispy skin right! Recipe here.

21. Vegetable Chow Mein

You’re not going to miss the takeaway with this dish! Super quick, super delicious and far better for you. Recipe here.

22. Sausage and Cranberry Spaghetti

A wonderful sweet and savoury pasta dish that kids will love! Ready in 30 minutes. Recipe here.

23. Chorizo and Scallops with Vegetable Cous Cous

Seriously tasty – scallops and chorizo work so well together and this is a brilliant quick dish which combines the two. Recipe here.

24. Green Goddess Gnocchi

Pack a green punch with this gnocchi dish. It uses spinach gnocchi (but that could easily be subbed for plain). Recipe here.

25. Pumpkin, Pancetta and Rosemary Pennoni

This dish is full of autumnal flavours, but works well at any time of the year. In fact, you could sub the pumpkin for courgette, peas or broccoli. Recipe here.

26. Parma Ham, Fig and Blue Cheese Spaghetti

A seriously savoury pasta dish for the blue cheese lovers. Takes all the best bits of a cheese board and combines them with spaghetti for a delicious dinner dish – in just 10 minutes! Recipe here.

27. Prawn Saganaki

A zinger of a dish – seriously easy, seriously delicious and perfect for date night. Recipe here.

28. Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup

Ramen is one of the most comforting foods around, and this chicken ramen can be on the table in 30 minutes. Recipe here.

29. Asparagus and Green Bean Sort-Of Caesar Salad

All the joy of a Caesar salad with added asparagus and green beans – a delightful vegetarian alternative. Recipe here.

30. Garlic Mushroom Orzo

This creamy garlic mushroom sauce works so well with orzo – the perfect pasta when you’re in a hurry as it cooks so quickly. Recipe here.

31. Mexican Soup with Nachos

Those cheesy nachos dipped into that incredible tomato and pepper soup – a match made in heaven. Recipe here.

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  1. Yum, these are all delicious! I think I would cook the first one tonight!

    1. The first one is one of my favourite ever meals! Chorizo gnocchi is the best

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