Sticky Walnut – Chester (Where to Eat)

Brunches can be fairly predictable, can’t they? Avo toast. Bacon sandwich. Something with eggs. I’m not hating – these are all things I love – but sometimes you just want something different. Sticky Walnut ticks this box.

We happened to walk past Sticky Walnut recently and saw their big sign advertising the fact that they now serve breakfast at the weekend. It wasn’t a hard decision to book straight in.

We used to visit Sticky Walnut fairly often for dinner. The restaurant is very small and homely – it is just like a tiny terraced house – and feels so welcoming. You can see into the kitchen if you’re sitting downstairs to watch the chefs doing their thing.

The dinners we had there were always special. It’s fine dining, but comforting and imaginative. We hadn’t been for a while, though, because of our daughter – I don’t think she’d sit through a three course meal in a small environment like that without disturbing all of the other guests.

Still, breakfast is a different and more casual matter altogether.

We arrived at 9.30am and were seated at a corner table in the front window, with plenty of space for the three of us.

Everything on the menu is very tempting, but we decided to share the smashed sausage patty, heritage tomatoes on toast, and whipped ricotta, roasted figs and almonds on toast.

I didn’t have much of the smashed sausage patty because my one year old LOVED it and kept shouting ‘more, more, more!’ What I did have, though, was delicious and the sausage patty was obviously very high quality.

Next up, the things on toast. The tomatoes were lovely and had a great little kick of spice, but I did find the tomatoes themselves slightly underwhelming (probably because we are in the U.K. in the middle of winter).

The whipped ricotta on toast was FABULOUS. The figs were coated in this incredible crunchy caramel and it was utterly gorgeous.

Coffee was fantastic too – we both had americanos and they were very good.

Price wise, it was reasonable. Each of the dishes we had were £7-£8.

All in all, I can’t wait to go back and try more of the delicious brunch items on their menu.

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