Rio, Chester (Where to Eat)

It can be tricky to find a restaurant that suits everyone. With differing tastes, wallets and appetites, where on earth can you go to keep everyone happy? Well, we figured out the answer to this question at the weekend. It’s Rio Brazilian Steakhouse in Chester.

I’ve been to these all-you-can-eat meat places before and come away disappointed. Not here! Instead, I was really impressed by the quality on offer.

As with many such places, the concept at Rio in Chester is simple – you get to help yourself to a ‘bottomless’ salad buffet. In your table, there are coasters with red in one side and green on the other. Green means ‘meat please!’, and when turned that way the waiting staff will bring around meat to add to your meal. You can have as much as you could possibly want.

Let’s start with the salad. It was great. Honestly, I would have been happy just with that, it was so good. There was a wide variety of salad sides, cheeses, meats, breads. Imagine an all you can eat buffet at a high end holiday resort – that’s the vibe. The idea is not to fill yourself up on salad, but it’s very difficult not to.

Next up, the meat. There is such a huge selection of meat on offer. While we were there, we were offered ham and pineapple, lamb, garlic beef, 24 hour cooked ribs, chicken wings, sausages and more that I can’t even remember. It was all delicious.

You also get unlimited fries and peppercorn sauce, though we didn’t even finish one bowl of fries. They were fantastic, but there was so much else on offer that we wanted to try.

For the price, we were really happy with the offerings. The staff were also all – without exception- wonderful. They were friendly, kind to our one year old and so helpful.

That’s another key point – under fives eat free!

In all, this is absolutely the place to go if you want to make everyone happy. Don’t worry, vegetarians are catered for too!

You can book online here. They have seven other restaurants, and – although I haven’t visited any of those ones – I’m sure they’re just as good.

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