Ginger Mince Pies

This is my first sweet recipe on this blog, but seeing as it’s Christmas I wanted to share this lovely little mince pie recipe.

I got the marzipan topping idea from a Mary Berry Christmas programme – I tried it out for the first time today and it’s brilliant; the marzipan goes wonderfully crunchy when it’s baked in the oven.

I love ginger too, it’s one of my favourite spices and candied stem ginger is just the best thing to snack on. I had the idea to use ginger conserve as well as mincemeat in the mince pies and it worked really well. Try it out – these are delicious, rustic and gooey.

This makes around 12 mince pies and will take about 40 minutes.

Ginger Mince Pies

500g shortcrust pastry (it’s better if you make your own, but shop bought will work well too)

400g mincemeat

150g ginger conserve

100g white marzipan (approx)

1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. Roll out your pastry to approx 5mm thick. Depending on the size of your bun tray, pick a round pastry cutter (you will want to ensure that the pastry completely fills each individual section).

3. Cut out your rounds of pastry and fill the bun tray. Press the pastry down to make sure there are no gaps underneath.

4. Fill each pastry case with 1-2 tsps mincemeat. Top with 1/2 tsp ginger conserve and a pinch of grated marzipan.

5. Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until the pastry is cooked through. Merry Christmas!

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  1. I wish I saw them earlier! Ginger and marzipan – what an interesting idea!

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