5 Delicious Breakfast Ideas for When You’re Stuck in a Rut

If you’re anything like me, you have the same breakfast day after day. At the moment, mine is porridge with raisins and honey. It’s tasty, sure. But I’ve reached that point – after perhaps a month – when I just don’t want it any more. It’s started to get boring. I need something new to shake up my mornings – so here are some delicious breakfast ideas.

Breakfast is a strange meal. It’s one of those that doesn’t get given the time it deserves – and this leaves us reaching for the cereal box more often than not. Fortunately, I have some ideas here that are make ahead, some that take only a couple of minutes, and some that will give you a delicious breakfast treat within half an hour.

These breakfast ideas are simple, tasty and guaranteed to give your mornings some sparkle. We’ve got simple smoothies, the best breakfast bagel, tostados and more! Give them a go!

Black Forest Fruits and Beetroot Smoothie
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This is a ridiculously easy 3 ingredient, 2 step smoothie with essentially no prep time. It’s packed full of good nutrients and includes oats which will help you feel fuller for longer. An absolute winner!
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Savoury Courgette and Gorgonzola Muffins
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Savoury muffins are a superb breakfast option. These ones include one of your five a day and have the benefit of being super cheesy and tasty. You can bake up a batch and pop them in the freezer too, so you always have a breakfast option waiting for you.
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top view of smoked paprika baked eggs topped with chopped chives
Smoked Paprika Baked Eggs
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Looks incredible, tastes incredible, far easier than you might think – baked eggs are the perfect option for when you fancy something a little bit different.
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Best Breakfast Bagel
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An unbeatable breakfast bagel with just the right level of softness, saltiness and crunch. A perfect start to your weekend!
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Tomato Salsa Tostados
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One of those brilliant dishes that works perfectly well for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I adore the crunch, spiciness and depth of this dish – it’ll wake you up in the morning!
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