Peppers Stuffed with Olive and Feta Cous Cous

Stuffed peppers have had a bit of bad press recently; after being the fall-to for lazy restaurateurs who couldn’t think of anything else to put for their veggie option, people have fallen out of love with them.

However, I think they’re a lovely, pretty dish and are quick to make with no hunching over the hob required – great for another hot day. They also look as though far more work has gone into them than there actually has, so perfect for when people are coming round for tea!

The volume of ingredients below makes far more cous cous than you’ll need to serve 2 (we had 2 peppers each), but I saved the remaining cous cous for lunch the next day; it makes a great packed lunch.

Peppers Stuffed with Olive and Feta Cous Cous

300g giant cous cous

150g pitted green olives

4 large red peppers

1 green pepper

4 spring onions

200g feta

2 tbsps sweet chilli sauce

Large handful basil leaves

1 tbsp olive oil

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. Cook the cous cous according to packet instructions.

3. Chop the green pepper, spring onions, olives and feta into small chunks and stir into the cous cous.

4. Add the chilli sauce and chopped basil leaves; stir well.

5. Carefully slice the tops off the red peppers and scrape out the seeds.

6. Check that the peppers can stand up on a baking tray; if not, shave a little off the bottom of each pepper until they stand – make sure you don’t make a hole in any of them though.

7. Stuff each pepper with a good portion of the cous cous, then place the ‘lid’ back on each.

8. Cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the peppers are just softened, and starting to colour.

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