Fennel and Feta Linguine

All credit for this recipe needs to go to Nigel Slater – I was trying to find ideas for something quick for Monday night and I came across this combination idea. Trust me, you will devour this when you get home from a tiring first day of the week.

The subtle, aniseedy fennel works beautifully with the moreish, savoury feta.

This will take you 20 minutes max and easily serves 4. It’s perfect for lunch the next day too.

Fennel and Feta Linguine

400g linguine

2 tbsps olive oil

3 shallots

1 large bulb fennel

1 small glass white wine

170g feta

Large handful basil leaves

1. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook the linguine according to packet instructions.

2. Meanwhile, chop the shallots and add to a frying pan with the olive oil. Sizzle over a medium heat for 2 minutes, then add the sliced fennel. Cook for a further 3 minutes before tipping in the wine. Let the wine reduce down to about half and season with black pepper.

3. When the linguine is cooked, drain and reserve a little of the water. Tip the linguine and water back into the pan you cooked it in, then add the fennel. Throw in the basil leaves, crumble over the feta and mix well before serving. Enjoy!


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